Take Care of Yourself

 Tick Tock!
Multi-tasking all day.
Jumping from one list to another.
Its easy to lose your place and find yourself backing up.

 The Flu warnings and reports on CNN get my attention.
Reminds me of 1958 - the year they said was the worst Flu Epidemic since 1919.

Jim was an intern at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, NY
When all the beds in the patient wards were full they set up
  beds in the hallways and every where else they could fit one in.
Jim did not come home for days to protect me and year-old Jimmy.

Those were the days before flu shots and hand sanitizers.
Today we do have some things to use to protect ourselves - and then hope they work.

When these warnings started Jim always checked things out and advised me what to do.  Today I really understand that I don't think I fully appreciated how lucky I was to have my 24/7 doctor standing by. Our family had concierge medicine before anyone ever thought of calling it that or charging for it.

That's just another thing on the list that I miss without Jim. All the "grief" books explain that seeing the impact someone has had on  your life - is part of the pain of the loss. What's really sad about it to me - is not being able to say thank you.

Jim had a few standard orders which I am already doing -
as well as
washing my hands and
feeling glad I stopped off at the Safeway to have my Flu shot when I was in California. Isn't it great that these days Flu shots are so easily accessible -
What do you do to keep yourself well?

What does your doctor advise you to do?

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