Resemblances and Stories = Family Blessings

Looking Back

Remsemblances and stories are a blessing.

My son Jim - recently brought out this picture taken when he was a Junior or Senior at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. He was about 22 years old.

Jim and I - along with with Karen and Robin - went to Hopkins for the ceremony when he was inducted into the Army ROTC.  I pinned on his Lt's Bar.

Next week - now a Colonel - he is retiring from the U.S. Army  - after 35 years of service as a JAG Officer - on active duty and then in the active Reserve. There are several ceremonies in store for his family next week.

We will miss Jim's being there - smiling proudly

Pictures affirm a connection and make a story -

Jim, Sr. - at Fresno State College
at 22 years old.

Do you see it like I do?

Resemblances and stories are family blessings.

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Granny Sue said...

So like his Dad, Ellouise. A handsome man.