Cutting down on Connecting


When I make my lists for the day or week or month - I often feel kind of like I am trying to tame my world - - but no matter how I crack the whip I never feel completely "in charge."

You know something?
The truth is I am NOT in charge  - because I like to be connected.

My fascination with technology has me in its grip.

Checking Facebook and my email eats up time and distracts me from my list.  Instead of staying on my list something alluring or demanding  pops up that sets me on a totally different course or adds a few more things to the list I had already made for myself.

There was a time when  I set up in my studio, began a project,  and got lost for hours at a time. Haven't done that in a while. Or, made a list and ended the day with most of the chores crossed off - rather than carried over to another day. There were times when I actually started the day with a clean slate. Do you remember those as "good old days?"

I do and I miss them. 

So, I guess the only solution is to turn that whip on myself - and work at taming my curiosity about all the worlds open for viewing on Facebook and the Internet.

It will be interesting to see if I really can curb my appetite - and ration the amount of time I connect every day.


More will be revealed.


Granny Sue said...

Indeed, the computer/phone can be a complete time-sucker. Our curious minds want to explore everything!

Anonymous said...

Timers might help . . .