Protect yourself - Redux

a nice stranger at the 2012 National Storytelling Festival in October took this photo for me using my iPhone.
A few months ago I added the Blogger APP to my iPad - wrote this post and then forgot I had down loaded the APP- until today when Linda Crim mentioned her recent blogging from her iPad.
So, I looked up the Blogger App on my iPad and set out to download this post.  It was a bit confusing. 

I will be working with this APP more now that I have found it again because I have a STORYTELLING  TOUR to South Carolina and Georgia in April and it would be great to keep up wth emails, blogs and my writing work without having to cart my full size MAC computer along. One of my dreams is to lighten my load to travel with the three Apples - iPad, iPod and iPhone. Well, OK - a camera. Wouldn't that be wonderful??

First written in October 2012. It is still good advice.
My sister came for a week which turned into 10 days when she developed bronchitis. It was a warm and good visit. It is now eight months since Jim died...and I appreciated her being here because I needed her support now..perhaps even more than earlier.

Ok I have done many hard tasks during these months but there was one looming that was harder than I expected and I really needed a sister to be with me. 

Jim and I held everything ..we thought..jointly. But, I came to find out that one thing had slipped through. The title on our car was only in Jim's name. The license tags were due for renewal so they could not be out off.

Kathy went with me to fix it. I had a packet of papers: Jim's death certificate, the original title, the Administration paper naming me Executor of the estate, insurance info, and my drivers license. Fortunately I navigated the line fairly quickly because as I stood in line holding those documents I began to tear up as it "hit" me emotionally. I was here to accomplish one more separation from Jim. No, you don't get used to it...

My voice broke and I cried when the woman took the title, refused to copy it saying, "you don't need it" before she realized the emotional impact I was experiencing, relented and copied it for me. 

So, here is my advice: if you are married check your holdings and have everything in joint names. It will save you from extra emotional anguish later. 

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