Week Three at the Capital Fringe - Round-up

This is the last week of the Capital Fringe. My final performance is Saturday.
Its been great.
Many highpoints.

For the second performance, on a Saturday morning, my grand-daughter
Alison drove up from William and Mary College in Williamsburg, VA. The Fringe has a policy - no late-comer entrance allowed. Alison was 3 minutes late and the door was locked. But, hearing her story, the Stage Manager took her to the sound booth so she could see the program. Afterwards she was a lovely surprise for me.

Betsy and I have known each other since the fourth grade when we in the same Girl Scout Troop at Hawthorne Lane Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC. She drove down from PA, in the driving rain, to hear the story. After the program we adjourned to a near-by Fuddrucker's and talked and talked and talked. It was a wonderful gift.

Although Tim Ereneta and I have know each other on the internet for more than five years we hardly ever see each other face to face. So it was fun to see his program Chart Toppers of 1349 - a program of folktales from the 14th C - and then to interview him for my TV show - Stories in Focus. I will be posting that on the blog in a few weeks so that you can enjoy his story and conversation too.

Slash Coleman and I first met last year when we were both appearing on the Exchange Place Stage at the National Storytelling Festival. It was great to share the same Fringe venue, the Goethe Venue. We will be telling stories together here again in September with Adam Booth and Diane Macklin.
Slash introduced Chai Identity at the Fringe - and its an important story - of finding his identity. Its going to be an important story for him.

Telling Pushing Boundaries at the Fringe has been challenging and fun.
On top of that, like a graduate walking away with their diploma, I have the four reviews.

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