Yesterday was my birthday - and it was filled with good things:
  • Heard from folks I love: Jimmy from Germany, Robin in CA, Monica and Juliana in MD, Alison in VA, my sisters in NC and GA and Schoettlers in CA. A wide spread of hugs.
  • Jim and I stopped at the Phillips Collection to see two special exhibits: Pousette-Dart white paintings and Robert Ryman's wonderful small abstract works. Stepping into the Phillips never disappoints.
  • Walking past the Studio Gallery on R Street I noticed that sculptor Nancy Frankel's work was the first floor feature show. I could not resist. Nancy's work - - her fine craftsmanship and her play with varied media to create her elegant geometric pieces - - is always a pleasure. I have known Nancy since the 1970s at the Washington Women's Arts Center. Once I too was a member of Studio Gallery along with Nancy. Have always admired her work. Loved this new show.
  • Storyteller Geraldine Buckley joined Jim and me for a ride downtown for Slash Coleman's Chai Identity performance. We gave ourselves enough time to eat at Fuddrucker's which is a block from the Goethe Institut. Nothing better than conversation and lots of laughs before good storytelling.
  • Lovely orchid from Karen waiting at home. I do love having orchids about the house - especially when there are buds to open. Its a plant that keeps giving.
  • My friend Betsy
    sent me a birthday card - in her message she gave me - rainbows, a silver moonbeam and a field of fireflies. Who could wish for more?

  • Well - I guess I do have to mention that I am very, very happy with four positive reviews for Pushing Boundaries - my fringe show. If you want to check them out - HERE.

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