This morning we taped the next installment of my TV show,
Stories in Time- Special Edition, with guests Eve Burton and young storyteller-torch bearer Wei Ann Reidy.

Wei-Ann has recently returned from Pigeon Forge, TN where she took first place in the Middle School Division of the National Youth Storytelling Competition. Interviewing 11 year -old Wei Ann was a delightful experience. She is poised, funny and very naturally charming.

She came to storytelling through a local group of young tellers, Twinbrook Tellers, when she was six years old. The group provided social contacts and activities for the home-school youngster as well as storytelling challenges.

Twinbrook Tellers and the Story Club are the work of Eve Burton. She founded it and continues the on-going work of providing opportunities for young students to grow through storytelling.

About ten years ago Eve Burton founded a storytelling club which led to the performing group, Twinbrook Tellers, when her then elementary-aged son, also home-schooled, expressed an interest. She is a Library Associate at Twinbrook Public Library in Monthgomery County, MD and the Library is still home to the club and the "tellers" group.

Eve speaks with pride for the youngsters who participate in the groups and stresses how important it is for young students to have these opportunities to tell stories to each other as well as to larger audiences. The students develop pride, poise and self-confidence.

Hats off to Eve - one person who is making a difference.

Wei Ann closed the program with a very accomplished and charming telling of a traditional tale, "Gone is Gone".

If you live in Montgomery County, MD the program will air June 24th and July 8th at 9 pm on Channel 16.