3 BT - Graceland, New Carpet, Old Letters


1. Early morning appointment today with the dentist. My least favorite thing in the world. But my iPod saves me. My sister Kathy advised me years ago to take a Walkman and my favorite tape to drown out the sounds of dental activity in my mouth. It worked. Now, keeping up with the times, I have my "special" dentist music on my iPod. And what would that be - what are the magic sounds that calm me during a dental appointment and airplane turbulence - Paul Simon's wonderful album, Graceland.
New Carpet

2. What in the world possessed me to order new carpet for my office? What was I thinking?
Certainly not about how many books are on my book cases or about the other important stuff I have in my office. Boxes and boxes.
It better be worth it when they put down the carpet tomorrow.

Old Letters

3. When I was packing up my office I found a box of old letters I bought at the Dilworth Bookstore in Charlotte at least 12 years ago.

Storytellling Tip: You never know what stories lurk in a box of dusty old letters.