Nobody home.
Maybe nobody was home in the green bird house but I was very much at home and working. You know how it is - go away for a few days and when you come home not only is the stuff you didn't do waiting but a whole bunch of new stuff has fallen on top of the pile.

Part of my list was preparing materials to send to my daughter. Some of my promo materials have needed a re-do and my daughter Robin has taken it on. I am so glad she has her hands on it. She is adding some interesting design elements and I really like what she is doing. Since I am so used to being a one-woman band with regard to my storytellilng business it is interesting to release a piece of it to someone else. Another plus is seeing first hand the depth and breadth of Robin's professional skills in marketing and design.

TIP: When you feel you need to brush up your public face - find someone with good skills that you trust and who understands what you are doing and ask them to review your promo materials.