Back In Action

This is a great telephone.
It is heavy.
It sits flat on my desk.
It does not have any electronic extras that go off when the power goes out.
It is just a telephone.
A tested communicator.
I like the feel of it in my hand. Not like my latest light weight plastic slim-line phone that slipped off the desk without warning or felt more like a play-toy than a real phone.
Because it sounded so "tinny" my daughter reprimanded me, "Mom get a new phone and don't buy it at Wal-Mart."
A few weeks ago when Jim and I stopped by the Rescue Mission in PA. Jim picked up an old-style white slim-line princess phone - heavy, clunky - you know a real phone. $2. Why not? I would give that a try. So we rescued the phone.
And I did give it a try. I tried and tried with that phone. It connected all right - but every time you talked on it - it cut off - every 30 seconds. Click. Dead. I would run down stairs and call back, "so sorry. Its the phone."
I liked the feel of it in my hand so I kept hoping it would "straighten itself out." Maybe you do that too - hope a problem will solve itself before you have to get involved.
"Mom, get another phone. Nobody can talk to you. Think about it? What if it cuts off with a client?"
Saturday we were cleaning at the PA house. There is was. Jim's old office telephone -sitting on the window ledge in the sun-room - now a dusty sculpture - a memory.
This was Jim's office phone for at least twenty years. We have talked over this line many times. 202-293-1878 - no longer a working number for us but a really important connection for quite a long time.
"Do you reckon?" Jim picked it up. "Let's give it a try."
And, now - it sits beside me.
Dial tone hums.
Sound is good.
Feels good in my hand.
Warm with memories.
Back in action.
What if we had gotten rid of it?
I rest my case.