Wrapping Myself in 50s on 5

We are supposed to have a snow and ice storm here tomorrow. Drat. So you have to plan for it.

I made it in to Channel 16 this morning to tape a new story even though I didn't like the way my hair looked, and would rather have climbed back into my bed.  Some days you just have to show up - even if the camera's going to catch it all!

Glad to get that done before we are iced in. Then to the Safeway to pick up ice cream and other staples so see us through what ever Mother Nature throws our way.

Other wise it was one of those ordinary days that are so precious - - - and that you forget too easily.

Looking back on a few happy moments today - feeling self-satisfied and smug to pick up groceries before the crowd descended, putting drops in my little Shih Tzu's infected eye and having her trusting me to do it, catching up on some paper work, taking an afternoon nap, talking with my dear long-time bestest friend in PA, finishing a bit of laundry, answering emails and thinking, thinking, thinking.

To complete the day I have done something for myself that I have meant to do for weeks, maybe months. I chatted with a young man in the Phillipines who troubleshoots for SiriusXM subscribers. He helped me re-activate my computer access to 50s on 5. My neighbors will probably wonder what's happened to me now that won't be sitting suspiciously in the car out front to listen to my favorite music. For me having this music in the house is happiness  - - having those long ago familiar sounds and words swirling out of my Mac, filling the air with sweet memories of being young and filled with hopes. ... holding hands and dancing close with Jim at the Phi Chi House.  Ahhhhh....

When I was living in a single room at Hampton House - the nurses home for students at Johns Hopkins Hospital, I had a small 45rpm record player and a radio. I was always surrounded by music when I was in that room. Later in our first apartment when Jim and I were first married - before television entered our lives the radio and music kept me company while Jim studied or worked several jobs. Look what's happened since then - television crowds the space - lately shouting disturbing news, violence and sex. I find myself wondering what I have come to that I watch it ( except Downtown Abbey) - - so SiriusXM is going to help me turn back the clock to a time when my thoughts were more important to me than what's coming from the mouths of talking heads.

Wouldn't it be wonderful, I think, if I could learn to think as clearly, honestly, and profoundly as Anne Lamott - - not that I honestly expect that to happen - - but it sure is a good goal for getting a grip on life.

Just like the tall, classy Tar Heel and lady, Jeanne Robertson has such a funny take on everyday life!

Always good to have role models!!!

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