Giving Thanks Feels Good

Always happy when there is a parking place right beside the patio at my favorite Starbucks near my house. It makes things so much easier so I said, "thank you" to the "parking place Angel" as I pulled into the spot.

As much as I was anticipating tasting my Chai Tea Latte I walked across the parking lot to the service station next door first before I went in to Starbucks. I had a mission. I was going in to thank the service manager for warning my daugher that her 20 year old Toyota had seen its best days and was now clearly in its worst. "Use caution" he told her a few hours ago.

A good honest evaluation if often tough to hear - but in the case of an old car it can save your life as well as protect your bank account. There was a chance Sean's conversation this morning was doing both.

It feels good to say "Thank you" doesn't it? I
was savoring that good feeling when I took my place in line to order my "latte" - then I realized something that brought tears to my eyes as it  made me feel even better.

I had just done exactly what Jim would have done - what he often did - acknowledge and thank folks when they helped him out.

I suspect that's one of the reasons those guys at the corner service station watch out for me and our daughter.

Here is a  "thank you. thank you" to Jim -

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