Harry Potter at Starbucks

This afternoon there was shrinking snow on the ground and dripping ice on the trees. The sun was bright and the air was warmer so I went out of my house and off to Starbucks. It was like escaping from prison after a week inside because of iffy weather.

At mid-afternoon Starbucks was practically empty and strangely quiet. I was served quickly - my usual - a Vente 7 pump Tsai Latte - with a top off shot of hot water to release the spices - a treat from one of the gift cards my family supplies.  Some years ago Jim and I asked that the family stop giving us gifts that we had to keep and they picked up on the suggestion. 

 After I into a seat at one end of a long table I noticed a young father and his son, about six I guessed, sitting across the table a few seats down from mine. The father was quietly reading to his son from a very large hard-back book. His voice was low which drew the child close. The boy leaned in against his father. His big blue eyes were intent as he listened to the story. It was a private moment between them.

Suddenly for no apparent reason the boy interrupted his father, "Cedric dies in this one Daddy. Not yet, not in this chapter, but in this book.Voldermort kills him."

WOW. When I heard the child's familiar knowledge of this Harry Potter volume I was impressed, thinking how bright he must be - and mentally applauding the parents who obviously read to him. I wanted to ask some questions - - but I didn't - it was a lovely moment between these two - why tamper with something so sweet.

Part of my hesitation was also about me. The father's gentle manner and attention to the boy reminded me of Jim's patience and enjoyment with our children and grandchildren. Talking with them would have intruded into my memory.

I left glad that I had come and silently fussing at myself for not coming more often.

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Anonymous said...

Good lesson . . . go out and look for wonders!