Feeling Scared

When I was in Georgia in August I sat on my sister's deck and watched humming birds feeding and then sitting on the edge to taste the sweet juice as it ran down their throats.

Today I am hanging onto the edge, feeling pretty much like this bird looks, but its not sweet juices I am tasting. It is stinging bitter juice that's burning my throat.

I am out of my comfort zone.

Whenever I get ready to speak my mind I have to take deep breaths before I say what I think. I have been taking deep breaths all day. Or longer, but I don't remember when I first read about the letter the rogue Senators sent to the Iranian leadership,

Now there is a lot more written and I am breathing even harder - are you?

Do you have questions like I do - such as  -

Who are those guys in the Senate that did this thing?

What are they thinking? Are they capable of thinking?

They have been elected to the most respected leadership body in our land and they don't know how to conduct themselves?

They embarrass all of us in this country when they act so ignorant that they forget the good manners their mothers might have taught them - follow the rules and traditions of the Senate if you were elected to serve there.

Didn't that new guy from Arkansas get the hand-out with the rules when he checked in less than three months ago? Didn't any of the old-timers that signed the letter know better?

I tell you something. I am a southern woman - an elder southern woman - and I am embarrassed when I read that this new southern boy has been so dumb that he has messed with the President, the Senate where the home town guys sent him to serve, and all of us in this country.  And the old-timers stood with him and let him do it.

Arkansas aren't you ashamed of this one of your good ole boys? Is there anyway you can get him to come home before he shows off any more than he has.

Bottom line for me - - I am more than embarrassed - I am scared!

I am going to clean out a safe place in my basement - a place to hide.


Granny Sue said...

Amen, sister! What in the world were they thinking? Oh right, they' weren't. They have completely embarrassed our country.

Miss Dazey said...

I am afraid and embarrassed too. Now, what can we grandmas do. Maybe unite and march.

Judi Tarowsky said...

I'm not so much scared as outraged. And saddened, that our country truly has been depicted as weak and ignorant before the world. I'll March with you!

Anita said...

I was in the car listening to Diane Rehm this morning. Most of the conversation was about the stupidity of "the letter." Lots of pieces in the Post and even The "nearly-not-a-newspaper", Baltimore Sun. There are many of us in agreement. We are not alone. Let's take solace in that. Also, as Eloise said in her post today, keep thanking others for things, big and small. Those positive actions slow our hearts, and spread calm. I understand fear Eloise, and appreciate your brave admission exactly when I too needed it.

Tim Livengood said...

I shall be chirpy and positive and believe that these good-hearted souls were worried that the American people have paid too little attention to their electoral choices. Thus, they have tried to make the situation really, really clear, so that the people shall vote in a more responsible fashion in the future and not elect such preposterous ignoramuses.