Re-vamping lists

Sculpture at BWI Airport

Sometimes I feel like these birds - headed out but going nowhere.

Already 4 days into August and I have not "hit the deck running" quite like I thought I would. Oh, I have been on my feet and doing stuff all right - but the first things I had on the list - are still on the list. I have to make a new list - - and prioritize better - - 

You see, my problem is that I am a very lucky woman - and - new things crop up. Glittery diamonds that turn my head and draw me away from the things I thought or said I would do  ----

Being a solo-performer I work mostly at home for myself.  
I think up the tasks, 
schedule them, 
and see that I complete them. 

Often I am hard to work for.

So I use lists to keep me on track of me.

But lately they aren't working as well as they used to.
Maybe the answer is  - - change the way I make lists.

Lists things that I think
  I must do,
  I will do
  I should do
  I want to do

Right there - 
maybe that is part of the answer

the way I wrote that should be shuffled - - 
For today - 
  1.   things I want to do
  2.   things I must do
  3.   things I should do
  4.   things I will do
Come to think of it -

Well its worth a try.

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