A Surprise Stop-By

Some days are filled with surprises.

Today I am refreshing and practicing the stories I will use in my Flesh on Old Bones workshop next week-end in Georgia.

I use iPod recordings to capture all my stories either in practice or during all the performances. Those recordings become the notes I keep for the record.  I like to learn or practice stories by listening not from a script. So, to prep the workshop I have pulled a group of stories into playlist on my iPod. Works for me - and its convenient because I can take the stories any where. It gives new meaning to multi-tasking.

As I listened to the "Martha Pearl" story today I remembered the exact evening I told this version  of it at the Kensington Book Store. We had a small group that night and at the end of the telling we talked about the story.

First I heard women's voices - Jolene for sure and the other was possibly my friend Cricket - and then I heard the surprise -
Jim's voice. 

I could see him sitting - like he usually did - in the comfortable over-stuffed chair near the check-out counter at the back of the room near the counter with his long legs stretched out in front of him when he chimed in with his comments about the story.

"This is a good story, Ellouise." Then he confirmed his opinion that it was also a good piece to use for teaching because the genealogy sleuthing search is part of the story.

Tears slipped down my cheeks. And - I was smililng.
That's how I use this story and why I will be telling it for the Flesh on Old Bones Workshop next Saturday.

Oh, yes, I remember his voice - but for the past few days my yearning to actually hear his voice has been acute - sharp. I was so glad to hear his voice although I had not expected it.

So grateful he was there that night - and - that he stopped by today

Thank you. Thank you. Steve Jobs.

I definitely love my Apple iPod.

Hope you are also using your iPod to catch moments and memories? 

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