VIDEO - Not Right for New York City

With the focus on preparing for the Fringe the past few months some things have slipped by. Today when I was reviewing my stories to prepare for a storytelling trip to Georgia next week
I came across a new story that I have not posted.

I remember it all so vividly - and funny how in retrospect you can see the lessons you received from what happened in the past.

For instance - now I don't dictate what a hair dresser does - I let it happen, sometimes to my sheer delight.
Rather than being embarrassed by my bee-hive hairdo and by the young girl who thought it was sophisticated- I am grateful for the stepping through the Red Door of the Elizabeth Arden Beauty Salon for the first time and having Renee sprinkle magic dust on my hair - - which fulfilled a much younger girl's wish!

And, grateful for Jim - - - who always saw me through a loving filter.

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