There was a storm here.

It is now Tuesday - July 3

Last Friday night a ferocious storm came through the DC area pelting us with rain and hail, while scary winds tossed and uprooted trees, cut off power and knocked out AT&T towers. I was home alone - and sat on the stairs to our basement holding our quivering dog until it was over. Fortunately I had grabbed a lantern on my way downstairs.

Nothing has been the same since.

Turns out our area was fiercely slammed.  Trees in the neighborhood streets, lights and A/C are gone, and no telephone or cell phone service. We were fortunate on the tree side. But no AC, power, or telephone service is quite a blow. We have been totally disconnected.

By Sunday night the house was hot and humid. Our little dog looked pathetic stretched out on any cool floor spot panting in her diminutive fur coat. Tempers frayed. Then - good news. My son had his power back. My daughter Karen and I, taking my dog and her cat, evacuated to their air-conditioned house where there are lights and WI FI. You know what we were thinking. Tomorrow will be better.


Still no power at  home. Karen has escaped to our house outside Gettysburg where there is power, a/c and the internet works.

The dog and I stayed here with Jimmy and family so that I can go back and forth to keep an eye on the house.

The Pepco website says it will be Friday July 6 before a return of the power and AT&T guess-ti-mates July 9 for cellphone service. AT&T has 300 plus towers down and the ones in our neighborhood are scheduled for later - - no doubt because of the old, massive and beautiful trees that litter the streets and fell on houses. We are grateful we only lost limbs.

When I was a Girl Scout Leader I never took my troop camping because
being hot and sticky and sitting in the dark was never my idea of a good time. 

Guess what?
I have not changed my mind.
Take away the cell phone and the internet  - - well, there are no words.

Tonight I am pricing an in-home generator - one that kicks on when the power goes off.
Maybe I can afford one to light, heat or cool two rooms - and run the internet. I won't be picky.
Just enough so the dog and I can stay home.

Our little dog does not like being away from home.
She is getting downright grumpy.

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Miss Dazey said...

Do you know how to run a geMercator?