A Visit to the County

Jim loved to sit on the side porch looking across the neighbors' fields toward South Mountain as the shadows lengthened at the end of the day.

Yesterday was my first visit to our PA house since October. Well, while we were away little field mice came in to play and they left leavings. So - - our crew spent the day cleaning up and hopefully clearing them out.

Won't lie. It was hard to be there. Memories of Jim are everywhere. And, clearing out little bits here and there brings tears.

Grief tests you at every turn.

But there is nothing to do but "go on." And I am.

Today is Easter. Karen and I are going to Mass together to celebrate the Resurrection which brings HOPE to those who are grieving.


Debbie Couture said...

Todays Mass was very hopeful. We thought a lot about Dominic today. I know it's hard Ellouise and I think of you often. Sorry about the mice. We have a cabin in the mountains and have mice sometimes too. Not fun. I used to go there and clean and then a neighbor up there wanted a cleaning job so I hired her a time or two so I wouldn't go to the cabin and spend so much time cleaning it wasn't fun. Memories are hard but comforting at the same time. God bless you.

Granny Sue said...

What a peaceful view, Ellouise. And the mice!--back to reality and the common small things that help somehow. I know I cleaned and sorted for a month or more after Jon; the simplicity of the task was soothing somehow.

I'm looking forward to seeing you--it's just a little over a week away now!