Time traveling

Just finished a new story about the week-end Jim and I went back to Brooklyn, New York on a sentimental journey to refresh memories of the time in the late 1950s when we lived there while he was an intern at Kings County Hospital.

During those days he worked 36 hours "on" and 12 hours "off". He slept most of the time he was home but also always had papers to sort and catch up on. I took this picture one week-end. He is still wearing his "whites" and is reviewing the mail. Notice the narrow tie of the day.

We lived in a furnished apartment on the top floor of a turn-of-the century three-story house in the Newkirk Plaza area. The landlady was a European refugee who was also a painter. Our walls were covered with her paintings which I now know reflected strong influences of French painters of the early 20th century.

A few years ago I read about a Bed and Breakfast on the street where we had lived. I called them. It was across the street from Mrs. Geiger's house. What a chance to revisit Argyle Road.  I was eager to go. Jim agreed.

When we arrived and settled into our room "across the street" we were so surprised at how same the street looked. It quickly whisked us back in time. We started out to explore the neighborhood and then - --
something happened that changed the whole trip. But I can't tell about that yet - it will ruin the story.

I taped this story Monday for my Channel 16 TV show. As soon as I get the video I will post it here.

I love storytelling - telling the story - why, that brings it all back - across time to the present and back and I can once again spend the time with Jim.


                                              Jim and Jimmy, Jr.
                                              taken in a photo-booth at 
                                              Penn Station, NYC, 1958.

Sometimes when I time-travel I am looking for stories. Other times I am just enjoying being back-in-time
With Jim.

Grieving is like that for me.

But mostly - its using story and memory to keep him close.

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WomenRock said...


Reading your posts are like dining on a grilled cheese sandwich in my favorite slippers and listening to the pitter pat of the rain on the roof.

Jim has a big beautiful new home and it's all across the sky. He's watching you from above and looking forward to your remembrances and reunion.