Treasure Hunting in Kensington

When my good friend came to visit from PA last week I took her to one of my favorite local places, the Prevention of Blindness thrift shop on Howard Avenue in Kensington, MD.  You'd never guess from the outside how filled with surprises it is. Every inch of space is put to good use. There is little rhyme or reason to where objects are placed which does make it feel a bit like a treasure hunt.


Glassware crowded on a large table in the front room begs to be given a look. My eyes take to the gold trimmed "Hall" tea pot and for a time I think it may be going home with me.

But then I am distracted by a shelf of blue glass.

And after that I move to a small back room where
glass ware, vases, odds and ends and toys are mixed.

A sad faced clown towers over a shelf of odd mixed up toys.

                               Across the room I laugh out loud when I notice this wonderful two dollar dish.

But this is the gem I could not resist.

The hand built pitcher has a comfortable heft when you lift and hold it.
The subtle colors of the thin, fluid glaze please me. It belongs on my morning table --- maybe filled with cold milk.

Yep, this is for me.

I go home happy.

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Sandra D said...

HI Ellouise,

I love the pitcher. Beautiful! Glad you were able to show your visiting guest around a sweet little shop like this!

xo, Sandra