All the way to Spiderman

This is the "today" main entrance for Johns Hopkins Hospital - which sees the world pass through but for me the real entrance is the historic North Broadway Street entrance - the one I knew first in 1954 when I walked through it as a young student nurse.

Today the gates are closed and cars come to the "rear". But pedestrians can walk in and out.

Under the Dome - He stands to welcome, reassure, and comfort the sick.

People still leave flowers and write notes of thanks and sadness in a journal near-by.

Jim and I arrived on Wednesday to attend the Bi-annual medical meetings and Hopkins Medical School Class Reunion. We started with a dinner with his class at the Black Olive Inn, a relatively new restaurant, suggested by a local classmate (because they wanted to test the food). Well, the food was mediocre, over-priced and disappointing but the company was superb and we were so glad to be there.

Thursday was the Grand Class Lunch at the elegant Monaco Hotel - a classic building built in 1905 - which reeked of the elegance of the period. Salmon was delicious. More good conversations and the bi-annual report on the State of the Hospital by the Dean and CEO.  Impressive.

Friday was a full day of medical lectures, food, and fun. My dear friend Kay and I once again talked the day away between other conversations and meals. Hopkins always out does itself with the cocktail "snacks" - which I just love - shrimp , crab cakes, poached salmon and a delicious pasta dish, pasta in Alfredo sauce with sauteed shrimp on top. Oh, my. Along with conversations and music. Met a woman doctor, Class of 1949, who practiced as a general practitioner while she raised 9 children - one son was with her, now a doctor.

Ofcourse we came back on Saturday.
Sort of off topic but I can't resist showing the ice sculpture that was installed for the picnic lunch - "for the kids". Spiderman. I talked with the sculptor while he was putting the finishing polish on it - he carves from a solid block of ice, using chain saws and other cutting tools - in about three hours. You too can have one for about $350. Check out the website.www.hoticeinc.com

It was a great few days.

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