Irish Peony and Stories in Process

Peony - taken in Ireland

Reading Shannon by Frank Delaney. Its slow getting into it but I love reading Delaney's prose and it brings back images of our trip to Ireland. So those two keep me going until I connect with the plot.

Happy with the way Finding Gus, my new one-woman show for the DC Capital Fringe. is going. Still have plenty to do with tweaking the story and staging but that is the FUN of these productions - the creation of the story. I told the story Wednesday evening for a small group in Kensington and the story surprised me with a new twist. Felt good on my tongue. Stories are wise.

I sent out the first blast of emai announcements today. Here goes. The opening is July 8. Now begins the worry over whether anyone will come on not. Stories need people to listen. The audience and the storyteller interact to create the story. Crossing my fingers.

Realizing more and more that, at this point in my career, my diamond jubilee, what matters most to me  - is what I want to do! And telling the story of my Mama's Daddy, Gus Keasler, Granny and Mama is what's important.

The more I recognize that impulse the more stories line up to be told.

For instance, Jim and I are going to the Bi-annual medical meeting at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore next week. Jim and I have a story here and this time I am going to do the ground work so that I feel it - - my next story. A story of two young immigrants - a girl from the South and a young man from the West - who met and fell in love - surrounded by life and medical history.

Ah, yes, Not an unusual story but one that is close to my heart and has a few twists from the fifty-six year perspective.

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