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When I looked at my calendar and saw that I was scheduled to record a new story on the "Stories in Time" television program today I was not a happy camper. I am so distracted getting ready for Jim's surgery that it felt like a burden until I realized - "duh, use something I have been telling at the Rogue."

Why is it that "simple" is never my first reaction. La Bruha would be perfect. I like it. People enjoy it and the story is on the tip of my tongue.

I liked this old folktale from Mexico when I first read it a year ago and have told it from time to time since then but now, after seriously adapting it for the Rogue, I really like it. I have developed a motivation for one of the characters that was not in the original version I read and it gives the story a more subtle adult meaning.

Ah, the magic of storytelling.

Keep focused on the fun.