Hospital Days

Long, tedious hours for those watching. But for Jim it is all uphill. He has plastic bags hanging off him that are collecting fluids and IVs that are pumping medicine and fluids into his veins. He looks remarkably good and is getting better. Amen.

I have a broad band card attached to my lap top so while I watch out for Jim I am surfing far and wide from the fifth floor of GW Hospital. Almost like bi-locating.

Reminds me to write about a film I watched on Jet Blue when we flew to CA three weeks ago. Is it really only three weeks - seems a lifetime ago. Anyway:

How William Shatner Changed the World, a documentary about the television series Star Trek was fascinating to watch. In it Shatner ( formerly Captain Kirk on the Star Trek show) talked about the development and evolution of the show, first aired in 1966, and how it had influenced the imaginations of kids of the era. Remember all the futuristic gadgets? The mobile communicator, the "beaming down" device, and the ships that soared through space?

During the documentary they interviewed scientists and inventors whose imaginations were so fired by Gene Roddenberry and his ideas when they watched Star Trek that they went on to careers in astronomy, physics, electronics and space technology.

Voila - all the technology we enjoy today - cell phones, computers, broad band cards etc, etc,

Think about it - if it hadn't have been for the Star Trek inspiration to someone I could never have called Robin in CA from a vaporetto on the Grand Canal in Venice. what's your special phone connection?

And they cut the arts from the budget in the schools!!!! What are they thinking?