Celebrating NetFlix

We resisted it.
I don't know why because I love movies.
When I really looked at it - $14.00 a month for two movies at a time - on a rolling wheel- is quite a bargain.

And when I understood the breadth of the films available - I was sold.

Setting up a queque - a list of films you'd like to see - is a feast of choices. Will it be a current movie or a series from PBS? remember Upstairs, Downstairs, all the series from Mystery? And more, and more, and more.

It turns out that our distribution center is in a near-by MD suburb. Depending on how quickly you drop your return into a mail box you can have a replacement over-night.

Best, in this time of high gas prices, we don't have to drive to pick them up. They come to us.

Its all to love.