My Neighborhood - The Elizabeth Section

When memories began to flow earlier today I was sitting out a heavy rainstorm parked in front of my house.  Rather than waste the time or/and lose the train of thought filled with childhood memories I dictated them in the Dragon App on my phone. I am keeping these in Evernote.

The houses I lived in on 7th street had wide porches  on the front nd some wrapped around the sides of the house. W.e played on them in the hot summer and on rainy days. Or anytime we wanted to "put on a show".  A neighbor lady loved hearing me, at age 6, sing The White Cliffs of Dover. She was serious about ecouraging me so she took me downtown to audition for a local radio talent show.

It was held at the Visualite Movie Theater. I was selected and the Saturday morning I faced a large audience for the first time ever I was scared and shakings. The announcer coached me with a kind voice. "Go ahead, Ellouise."I took a deep breath and sang. I had forgotten all about that morning but when I remembered it the other day I could hear the sound of the applause.

Have to keep thinking about those days in the Elizabeth Section .

My children or grandchildren have never lived in a house with a porch.

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Granny Sue said...

The last line of your story could be the beginning of a string of stories, about houses and porches and grandchildren.

Imagining you on the stage singing for the crowd. Your first ever live performance!