February 2, 2019

February 2. Snow on the front walk shining in the sunshine. Hope it warms enough for the sun to melt it.
I have said for a long time that I would write down bits that we lived through - - maybe that will be a memoir - or a story - or a crumpled paper tossed away.
For these "snowed in" and fiercely cold days I am thinking about other days in our lives which were controlled by snow - a blizzard in Brooklyn in 1958 - over-snowed here in DC a dozen times where we all shoveled snow on the walk ways, hoped the food would hold out and snow-plows would clear the streets - -and the 1970s year that JIm and I went to Italy to see our son who was living there for a college year. One morning we were stunned to pick up an English newspaper at breakfast and see pictures of the blizzard that had stopped and stalled the East Coast USA- leaving one daughter at home in DC with a friend and the other daughter at college -
Talk about plans messing up.... especially when we were helpless - to talk with them or to get home.


Diane Dahli said...

So true, parents can't relax if a child (even though grown) are in a situation. Hope it all turned out okay, and they were fine!

Granny Sue said...

I don't remember 1958, although i do remember some deep snows when I was a child and perhaps that was one of them. So many memories, and don't they get jumbled up over time! Good idea to start writing them all down as they come to you.