Treasures from the Basement.

I started journalling when I was in high school - never going anywhere without a pen and paper. I make notes of things I see and do and I whine and complain into my books. Often I tell people my notebook is my brain. I have only lost one - left it in a ladies room in a restaurant in Manhattan Beach, CA and still wonder what was in it.

Ten days ago my son lugged a part of my collection of journals upstairs from my studio - saying "Mom, this is a treasure! I want to read these. You have got to do this." I know one thing. They are private until I go through them - but I love that he wants to take a look.   

For now I am starting  re-meeting many versions of myself from 16 to 80 years old as the notes, lists and sketches in them give me back days of my life as I lived it.  


I have meant to go through the boxes of diaries for ten years or more - - but didn't get to it.

Since my 80th birthday in July I have begun to edit my lists and ask myself, "do I really want to do that?" "Is it important to me?"

It's a yes for sifting and sorting my journals - - where I am finding stories right from the get-go. Stories I want my family to know and maybe some for telling too.

My daughter Robin has said for a long time, "Mom, you have been a Forrest Gump for the women's movement - both for women artists and for the Equal Rights Amendment.." Its true I have been.  And as you may remember from the movie Forrest Gump was often close to the action and met some very interesting people.  He and I do have a lot in common. 

I want to share some of the "foot-notes" to history I collected in these diaries ---- I don't know how I will do it. But I am going to love the months ahead while I  read through them.



Still the Lucky Few said...

Lucky you, to have had the foresight to save those journals! I've saved a few, but sad to report that many are lost or given away due to movings and life changes.I'm sure you will be writing about them from time to time, and we will look forward to reading about that!


Thanks! I have often been tested to weed the out - but glad I never got around to it.