Piling on and a shout out.

Good morning.

How are things going for you?

My head is spinning.

I find myself wanting to crawl back under my warm covers and wait for the "all clear" signal.

Too much. Too much.

Last week I was basking in the warmth of the Schoettler family reunion, the beauty of nature at Yosemite National Park, being with old friends and the soothing of memory.

This week - the world has gone to hell in a hand-basket.

1. The Brits had some kind of referendum so that morons could vote and pull the rug out from under       the world so that they could take their country back and boot out the immigrants.

2. Donald Trump had his daily issue of world wide television coverage to promote his golf club in Scotland while making the US look unbelievably stupid because he is a presidential candidate, and scaring the world with the possibility that Americans may show that they have lost their smarts and elect him. The world trembles.

3. Like many I am carefully watching my widow's mite in our pension account drip away.  This drip, drip, drip. makes me feel helpless because I cannot put my finger in the hole in the damn dam and stop it.

4. Oh, did I mention this whole thing makes me a bit nervous?

Then I take my eyes off my navel and look at the pictures of the flood and devastation in West Virginia  - -

and I swallow hard and offer a prayer -

a shout out to God.


P.S. Thanks for the messages but not to worry about me losing my energy.

I did not say it very well but in the ending I was aiming for - look around and see where others are and then measure against your problems and issues.


Sharon Gilbert said...

Steady, steady, we do have power, don't let the craziness wear you down. We have to encourage EVERYONE we meet to vote. The strange media we've created is not the world--believing that is why the Brits voted the way they did. Look at the people attending your shows, the people in the shops around you, we are surrounded by good people, they just need to vote!

Still the Lucky Few said...

Thank you Sharon, for your inspirational words to Ellouise. I can't do better, so will only offer a footnote. Please don't let what is happening currently destroy you, or your positive energy, Ellouise. There is still so much good in the world!