A Week to Remember!

This has been quite a week.

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Primary and is now the Democratic Party Nominee for President of the United States.

Go Hillary GO!!!!

Let's help her break that glass ceiling that has held women back for so long.
Along with Hillary's win  - something else was happening. In California the Judge ruled on a rape case where the jury convicted a Stanford student who raped a defenseless young woman who had imbibed too much alcohol and passed out. The jury said guilty on five counts. The Judge passed a shockingly lenient sentence of 6 months.

There is nationwide outrage. Finally - voices cry out against calling the victim guilty and letting the rapist go free.

The sentence for the rapist cannot be changed but here is the big surprise. The Judge is under scrutiny. People across the country are calling for his removal from the Bench. Jurors have refused to serve in his court. 

Finally - a door opens for real justice for women who are victims.

Then something wonderful and totally unexpected comes out and electrifies the internet networks. Vice President Joe Biden sends an Open Letter to the rape victim - a letter of comfort and encouragement  and vindication for her and all women - and it also it cautions men young and old - "rape is never never never never the fault of the woman." 

  Please read this letter which I predict will be a classic for women, parents, educators, attorneys and judges. 

Thank you Joe Biden for speaking out on behalf of women.


Anonymous said...

There is also an effort to disbar the defense attorney for questioning that was more like a continued assault on the victim of the rape. Time for change.


That's good news! Thanks for the up date.