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I don't want to lose this incident so decided to make a add it to a "post". 
Arlington National Cemetery delivers many serendipities. Today I joined Susanna Connelly Holstein, her husband Larry and her sister Teresa on their visit to Arlington to touch base with their Connelly grandfather and a great-grandfather - Granny Sue and Larry knew Jim - we all met at the WVA Storytelling Festival - in 1998 - so - . First stop - a friend- hello for Jim. Right away Susanna noticed - our long time-neighbor Arlington neighbor - buried next to our grave the same week our daughter Gretchen was buried there - is a CONNELLY - " Ellouise, he could be one of our Connellys" - and his name "Harry" is a familiar name in their family tree. Talk about small world - in today and in forever - if that pans out. Lt Col Connelly is one of the neighbors I talk about in my Arlington Story - he fought in WWI and WWII and was in the Air Corps and USAF Force. What really touched me about this coincidence - - since I had already made one visit this week - I almost stayed home - - I would have missed this altogether. Life often visits us with these surprises and I am very grateful I was there for this one!!! Crossing my fingers Lt Col is a Susanna connection - but as my daughter says - it doesn't really matter - we have had a Connelly connection in WVA for a long time.
— with Susanna Connelly Holstein.
Ellouise Schoettler's photo.
Ellouise and Susanna Holstein

Later this afternoon Susanna  - wrote about our visit to Arlington from her perscpective. Always good to two sets of eyes on a story

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