A remembering of December 7, 1941

Ellouise Diggle Schoettler, circa 1942

Earlier today I posted this memory on
the Facebook Page "I am a Native Charlottean."

December 7, 1941 - 

I hopped in the car for a Sunday afternoon ride with my grand-parents. We turned a corner,( from Pecan into 7th Street in Charlotte, NC) at Independence Park traffic was stopped and newspaperboys were in the streets waving pink newspapers and hollering EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA. My grandfather bought one and read the headline out loud "WAR. Japs Bomb Peral Harbor." As a 5 year old, I didn't know what Granny was crying about - but I knew it was BAD! 
Do you have memories of that day?

Shortly after I posted my brother Robert responded on Facebook:
Only six years before my time and of course kids my age grew up very well informed on WWII. I remember Mama talking about the u-boats off the coast of Wrightsville Beach, among other wartime tales.

Its not often that I have a chance to talk to my brother who lives in Atlanta so I sent back:

Ellouise Schoettler Oh, yes. I was at Wrightsville Beach with her for some of that- when there was "lights out" at the coast every night, and the car headlights were painted half black. Uniformed guys everywhere. Closer to home - I used to run out to the sidewalk on 7th Street and salute as the convoys, trucks filled with guys from Fort Bragg rolled by. You could hear the roar of those trucks ten minutes before you saw them. When Daddy joined the US Army Air Corps gave me one of his "oveseas" caps. I wore than hat every day. And aways when I was saluting the troops as they rolled by on 7th Street - and they laughed and waved back.

Later I added another story of Jim's memory of that incredible December Sunday.
Ellouise Schoettler My husband Jim remembered hearing the announcement on a console radio in the Schoettler living room in Fresno, CA - the very same radio that now sits in my daughter's living room near SF, CA and reminds us of a bit of Schoettler family history. The radio also shows us how "things" help us hold on to the memories for family stories. Robin S. Fox 
Talking about the radio always prompted Jim to tell this story - his uncle was married on Dec. 7 in Fresno - the bride's brother was in the Navy, stationed on the US Battleship Arizona in Hawaii - he was granted permission to leave the ship to send flowers to his sister for her wedding - he ran back once the bombing started but when he reached the dock the Arizona was burning and sinking! He suffered over that for the rest of his life. Many of these war stories have several sides don't they?
There are so many bits that make up the enormous quilt of life that day.

So many say, "I wasn't born then." 
Then gather a story of two. 
Ask someone who was there - even as a child.  
They remember.

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