Navigating a Strange Land.

Look at that - bits and pieces.
That's how I feel somedays - my plan goes awry

I am off the list and at the end of the day
I have to write a new list to see if I really got something

Today for example -
I have kept busy
but only managed to cross about three things off my list

because - instead of following the list
I made a new hand-out for The Hello Girls,
discussed a gig in Georgia in August with the Librarian there
and then scanned and signed the contract to seal the deal.
Happy about that.

Talked with a dear friend in PA - always a good thing to do.

Talked with my sister in GA about family and personal stuff and then about our opinions of The Monuments Men - the George Clooney movie about the art historians who saved incredible art treasures from the German destructors during WWII. And had another talk about her enthusiasm over Dry Grass in Autumn a book set in Charlotte - she and my friend Betsy are beserk over the book and I can't say a word because I have not read it yet.

I won't bore you with what I did not get done - except to say the tax accountant is probably putting out a contract on me. I am sooooooo intimidated about doing the taxes. Not that they are that difficult - its just that I cringe and cower whenever confronted with adding and subtracting - - - - it goes back a long way.

Last night Karen and I watched  "The World Wars" on the History Channel - the second episode is tonight and then #3 tomorrow. I am fascinated by the way they have chosen to tell the story using four men, Churchill, Stalin, Hitler and General George Patton, as a means to thread the huge story together. The four of them were soldiers in WWI and the premise is that what happened to them then shaped them for the roles they played in WWII.

Looking at the ways the past shapes our lives is something that fascinates me - and I am intrigued by the how this show is coming together.

The Hello Girls, my new story about WWI has captured me and is moving my interest in how to tell stories in a different direction. I am curious as to how it will turn out.

But to tell you the truth, since Jim died - little is the same in my world or my way of looking at the world. Not that its wrong - its just different - sometimes unexpected - sometimes I feel like a stranger in a strange land - - with no map or GPS.

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WomenRock said...


You are not alone, Stranger - working on the ERA and all it has taught me - some hard lessons - some needed awareness of my shortcomings - some gifts - has indeed been a strange land - no map, no gps and no escape route. I'm compelled to march forward on blind faith and a prayer as a new "me" unfolds along this adventure to destination unknown.

Cheers to you and Jim wherever he rests tonight/today across that big wide open sky watching over you...

Hugs and Congratulations on your new show! Carolyn