A Hot Time in Paris

Sorting some pictures last night I came across this one which is a favorite of mine.

On a truly hot August day in Paris (1976) even the candles in Notre Dame Cathedral were melting.

This was my first trip to Europe. When Jim  returned home after our two week sojourn in London I took the train to Paris to meet my friend Marie. We were starting a month long jaunt to five countries. We had Eurail passes, a teensy bit of money, and lots of energy. We had not bargained for the hottest August in many many years.

Since I was a Master Degree Candidate in painting at American University (DC) I came to Paris to see the art. And I did. Walking through the Louvre checking off the "masterpieces" I realized I was so intent on the "count" that I was missing the paintings. I put the art history book back in my suitcase and began see the art works. It was fabulous. After five years of Art History classes the works jumped off the page and came to life.

Is that really 36 years ago? Seems like yesterday and I can still see those wonderful paintings.

Isn't it wonderful the way snapshots and photos can send you zooming back through time?

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Miss Dazey said...

I think there are many times in life that we forget to look at the "art" around us. I know I sometime missed the beautiful colors of the clouds because I am afraid of getting wet. Please tell us more about your jaunt around Europe.