Telling Tall Tales

Jim and I spent some time this week-end in Garrett County on the western edge of Maryland close to the West Virginia border. My photos certainly do not do justice to the foliage and mountain vistas which were marvelous.

We went to Oakland,MD where I was telling in the Tall Tales Festival on the same bill with Rich Knoblich and Adam Booth, both WV Champion Liars who I know and two other local tellers I had never met. Storyteller Gail Herman is the Director of the Festival - which has been going on for 17 years. Now that's something.

lEFT TO RIGHT: Gail Herman, Rich Noblich, Adam Booth and me. The stories were TALL and funny and it was Fun. I am delighted to tell you I feel pretty proud that I placed 1st. Funnier still - the first place prize is a white water rafting trip for two. I don't swim - so the story of that trip will be told by other members of my family.

The real highlight of the festival was listening to 21 tellers from three local elementary schools compete with their tall tales. They were really delightful. Gail Herman had worked with them in the schools and the kids were psyched, poised, imaginative and eager to perform for the audience.
Kudos and thanks to storytellers like Gail Herman who work with young tellers to make sure the art of storytelling continues into the future.