Two Cards Bring Back a Story

Somewhere in France.
Christmas Day 1917 - 

Thanks to cousin Robert Lowry these 100 year old postcards from Sgt John Walter Cobb, Jr. have been brought to light. We don't know much about him. He died in France, people stopped talking about him and he slipped away as the older nephews and nieces slipped away. But I like him - his way with words particularly.

 I love the image of that Christmas tree with red, white and blue lights on it. 

This week I found another letter from him in the Charlotte newspaper - but there it is nothing like the connection through this card which was written directly by him to "Mama". I will stop by for a visit at the San Mihiel Cemetery in France next week and we will keep looking for his footsteps. 

You will hear more from me. The story is growing.

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