A Gold Star Mother

About 5 years ago I began to research World War I and think about whether there was a story I wanted to tell. A lot of that came through the family stories my Aunt Catherine told me about John Walter Cobb - the uncle that had died in the Great War and was buried in a US cemetery in France.

His mother went to France on a Gold Star Pilgrimage in 1930 to visit his grave. 

I considered working on a story for John Walter but then I became intrigued by continuing my pursuit of women who served in the US military in France during WWI.

Walter died in November 1918 and I intend to have more of a story about him ad his mother by then.

Its an important story for me and it will wrap up some history for our family. That's important to me.

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Still the Lucky Few said...

I admire the work you do to shed light on your family's history. You are fortunate that you have so many artifacts to work with!