Short cut to Memoir.

Today I received a notice from Face Book that I joined FB seven years ago. WOW. I know its a long time but I had never but a concrete count of the days and hours into years. That's a lot of time.
Time I have taken away from so many other things.

Face Book attracted me because I love to write. Used to be that I wrote letters but we know that's over. So I have used FB to record and remember. Lately FB takes time away from writing on my blog where I said I was doing the same thing. Both of those take the time I could use to finally write my "memoir." 

Sometimes I feel I was born with a "memoir urge." Maybe the idea stems from the boxes of journals stacked in my studio. Now there is a daunting chore - reviewing thirty plus years of journals which I am afraid say mostly the same things. The important question is - do I want anyone to read them? 

Seven years. Wow. Seven years.

Can I re-capture some of that time by picking up bits of memory from FB posts to create blog posts which will become a memoir for me. Make those pieces of spontaneous writing more permanent and savable. 

So with this blog post I am trying something new - copying in the FB posts I wrote the other day in response to marketing Pushing Boundaries which I will tell March 8 at American University.

It could be a short cut to my memoir - or maybe it IS my memoir.


Diane Dahli said...

Ellouise, you are my hero! Never stop all of your storytelling, writing, and pushing boundaries! Like you, I've lived on this planet a long time (I'm 76), but my accomplishments pale alongside yours.


Diane - Thanks for the kind words - I wish you could hear the story - because the point of it is that in "those" days - mentors sprang forth to help someone willing to take on a job - and opportunities hung like fruit on the trees. I was fortunate to come along, wide-eyed and willing, during the days of "Sisterhood" - and it was a bridge for me to many years after.