Keeping Busy

Is it really almost a month since I have written on this blog? Well, yes!

My apologies to anyone who has stopped by and found no one at home.

There was a time, only a year ago, when I was unsettled if I missed a day.
Its not that I don't have anything to say - its that I don't have anything to share. Does that happen sometimes in your own life? I am so focused on the Capital Fringe where I am performing The Hello Girls that think about anything but that .... and Jim.

Jim is rarely off my mind. I miss him and wish he was here!

I know he would love the Hello Girls story. I often want to turn and talk to him about it - - which then shakes me back to the real world. Jim is not here and what's more - he has never heard this story. Drat! Drat! Drat!

When grief washes me with tears and sets memories flowing it can be a good thing - and sometimes not  - - because it becomes a knife that cuts right through me.

I wish I were a writer like Anne Lamott who takes off on a topic, weaves in bits, and finishes up with insights that inspire and stay with her readers.

All right. All right. My life has a hole in it right now - but I also have so much to be grateful for.

My family: I am grateful they take time out of their busy lives to support me and my storytelling. Jim knew that I would need something when he died. The last five years before he died he was my other right hand to support the storytelling so that I would have something sure to build on after he left.

He was right  - - - storytelling. Believe me I know how lucky I am.

People often tease me about or jibe me a bit about being "too busy." Maybe I am. Its been my way as long as I can remember. Today "being busy" is my survival.

I have a show tomorrow evening - the 3rd of five in the run for the Hello Girls in the 2015 Capital Fringe. Today I am rehearsing with a video my son made last week and it is a tremendous help.

When something like the Fringe comes along my family steps up beside me. They are all excellent coaches. My daughter Robin lends her marketing advice, talent with words and social media to get the word out about the show. Daughter Karen works the shows, shares ideas about the story and continues to listen hours and hours. Jimmy listens and has feed-back for performances and run throughs. All that along with the support and advice from my sister Kathy who is close by even though she lives miles away. I call myself a solo-preneur - but I am not alone.

When a friend came to the show last week-end - she called us "Team Schoettler." I know Jim is somewhere loving that.

Ok, here you have it.  This is where I am and what I am doing.

"Keeping Busy!" 

I thank God for these gifts in my life!!!

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