Looking ahead - Lists for Six Month will Help

I have to sneak up on the cat to catch a portrait of her doing what she excels at - sleeping. Often I see her curled up like this on a chair in the den - and I am jealous. Naps in the afternoon are such a luxury.

A nap is a luxury I cannot afford right now or for the next six months. I have entered a busy season for storytelling - and travel. Add in weeding out my house and all thatit takes to keep a house in order. Its all good - or I would not have agreed to do it - but making a six month calendar today brought it all together so I could really see what is ahead.

Plan. Plan. Plan.
Lists. Lists. Lists.

It works if you stay on the plan.

Once upon a time I learned how to do this as part of my professional job. I organized and managed a celebrity trip for the Equal Rights Amendment to two states which included speeches for the featured celeb, dinner and breakfast meetings, city to city and state to state. It was fun, the trip ran smoothly - well - -a few glitches -  and I was absolutely exhausted by the time I escorted the celebrity to her flight for Hollywood. So completely blitzed and tired out I tipped our limousine driver $700 - even though a tip had been built into the price. Nno wonder he waved as he left.  Next day I was on the phone begging him to return the money - "I could lose my job." Fortunately he did agree to return as I babbled fervent thanks. I did not lose my job and continued on honing the planning tricks that I was calling on this morning to plan my calendar.

Today's simple planning reminded me that I had survived more complicated set-ups so I am encouraged.

The travel schedule shows at least one trip or two shorter ones a month - mostly flights. From Baltimore this week to several weeks in California in late Nov. All good. This includes a week in Jonesborough as Storyteller in Residence and a five day visit in SC for a Festival. Details when announced. A storytelling day in Delaware - a sister's trip in NC and a week here with my sister Kathy. And all the usual storytelling commitments I have. All good. All good.

One special date is a four day trip with my son to Kansas City, MO to the WWI Museum.
Since I can't make it to the NSN Conference in Kansas City I decided to head out with my son to spend several days immersed in WWI History. My son Jim, a retired Army Colonel and a lawyer who teaches a course "The Law of War" at Georgetown U. is a history enthusiast especially of the military. We will have a good time diving into the history of "The Great War."  I can't wait. After all, for two years I have been digging into that history as it touched The Hello Girls.

It begins for me this week. I am spending four days in Baltimore on a sentimental journey where I will be gathering stories and visiting with old friends while attending the Biennial Medical Meetings at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  Widowed spouses are invited and welcomed which is a lovely gesture.

There will be what Jim used to call the "old guys" lunch and an informal dinner with members of Jim's Class. My friend and former nursing school classmate and I are sharing a house in the neighborhood  through the McElderry Street B and B. When we were first married we both lived in apartments in this neighborhood a block from the modern main entrance to the hospital. As expected the neighborhood is significantly changed - old houses torn down for new skyscraper hospital buildings but there is enough left to fuel the memory into high gear. The houses where we each lived are still there and looking trim and their Baltimore front stoops are gleaming. That's nice.

Also looking forward to a coffee with storyteller Jon Spelman who lives in a near-by neighborhood almost in the shadow of Hopkins Hospital.  That's convenient.

Jim and Jimmy - circa 1957
This will be my first visit back without Jim when his classmates are there. Last year Kay and I spent a few days but there were no meetings. That was a bit easier. I know there will be a few tears for me but I am also looking forward to  touching base with the sweet and lovely happy memories of our falling in love days, the first year and a half we were married - and ofcourse the birth of our son.

It all started at Hopkins for me and Jim.

That's special.

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Granny Sue said...

Busy days indeed! And Storyteller in Residence at J'boro! That's exciting news, Ellouise. Stay as rested as you can, my friend.