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Happy Fourth of July 


Even though it is a holiday I will be staying on my list.
Opening of the Hello Girls is next Thursday - that's 7 days from now.
Tick, Tick, Tick - - Tock.

So, if we were together we might be talking about:

1. ISSUES: This would be a rant.
Someone I know and love called this morning from their car saying, " I am on my way to Hobby Lobby and.." I stopped her. "NO". You can't do that." ...... and I realized I meant it. My new hero is Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a woman of conviction who stands up and says what's right.

2. CAPITAL FRINGE: Working hard on my Hello Girls production for the Capital Fringe.  Worrying more about how the sound system will work, set-up and other issues because I am in a new venue.

Very grateful to my all "insider" COACHING COMMITTEE, who came for a run through the other night and had excellent suggestions and comments. So I am definitely singing their praises. Insiders are: Karen Schoettler, Jim and Monica Schoettler, and Juliana Schoettler. Story is in place. Still have a few things to work out with props and staging and all the paper work.

Producing a show is heavy with paper work from emails, to marketing, to programs and all the other things that you hand out and send out. Free-lancers do it all themselves - and it is busy work for weeks. I look back and am ever grateful for my work as a free-lance artist putting on shows, my jobs that required PR and promotion work, and the time I worked in fundraising. Made me a multi-tasker who knows how to do a menu of jobs.

3. FAMILY: Barbecue with family and friends tomorrow. Good food and catching up.

4. ANIMALS: Grateful the storms seem to be holding off right now. Our dog and cat really hate the thunder and lightning and stay very close while that is going on.

5. NEW TOY: Last night I downloaded Jacqueline Winspear's new WWI novel, "The Care and Management of Lies" on my Kindle  - - and to try something new I also downloaded the audio version and the Audible APP.  I AM LOVING THIS!!!! Someone reading to me from my iPhone or my iPad!!! Will love it even more when I figure out how to download free books from the Public Library!!!

I may have to wait on that for a training session with my sister Kathy in Georgia when I am down there in August teaching a workshop and telling FINDING GUS my 2011 Cap Fringe show - thankfully the Watkinsville Library will be doing all the paperwork on that one.

6. And Jim  - - -

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