NEW VIDEO - interview with JON SPELMAN

Have you ever wondered if a story about cancer could make you laugh? Well if the storyteller is the amazing Jon Spelman and the story is The Prostate Dialogues - the answer is a resounding YES. In his new solo show, The Prostate Dialogues he takes you with him to an encounter with the feared C and you leave the story encouraged, educated and entertained. How's that for filling a huge order!

Several months ago Jon came to Channel 16 as a guest on Stories in Focus and we talked about his process in developing The Prostate Dialogues. Meet him as he talks about his work as a storyteller.

On a personal note: I have seen this show twice in other settings and I plan to see it during this run at Theater J. This is fine storytelling by a man who crafts absorbing and entertaining stories and who deserves the title "Master storyteller." This is not a show for men only - ladies be sure and see it - you will be glad you did - - why, you ask. Because its an evening of good theater.

The Prostate Dialgoues is playing through the month of June at Theater J in Washington, DC.

Information about the show at Theater J. I bet you can buy your tickets there as well. HERE

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