My iPad and me.

I love my iPad because I can watch movies on it whenever I please! Chosing my own entertainment without commercial interruptions is great. Makes me feel like I am taking a bit of control in my life.

A year ago I signed up for Netflix Instant Play so I am no longer tied to a DVD disk - to order or return or a pre-set schedule on TV.

I used to watch old movies on TV when I went to bed but now the iPad gives my late night viewing a greater reach. Don't be fooled that I am screening anything heavy or good for my brain. No, I prefer light weight entertainment.

Watching all the episodes of Saturday Night Lights was what hooked me. 

Even though Frasier has been a regular repeating show for years I had never watched the program. Well now I am gradually nearing the end of the endless list of episodes. I love Niles, Frasier and their father - to my taste they are a wonderful comic trio. I have to admit that David Hyde Pierce who places Niles Crane is my favorite -
his ridiculous, but often truthful relationship with his older brother delights my funny bone. How about you?

 I love movies - even some of the dumb made- for- TV stories. Give me a funny romantic comedy and I will forgive most dramatic sins in exchange for a few laughs and smiles.

But don't mis-understand - I still read too. My current books are loaded on my Kindle App on the iPad. No more heavy books to hold in bed - just have to be sure the iPad is charged.

That's OK with me.

Having the iPad is like having someone read you to sleep.

What's not to love?

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