Ghost Stories in George West -

The George West Storytelling Festival in G.W., Texas was mighty fun! Just being in Texas was wonderful and I have a lot to say about it - but thought I would start my series of blog posts with a story.

The Ghost Story concert on Saturday night was the last event of the Festival. It was held in the Performing Arts Center which is a classic movie house that has been lovingly restored.

Ghost stories are a popular event at any festival and this was no exception. With lights down the Dobie Theater was a great place for the scary stories and the full-house audience loved them. Megan Hicks led off with an original and v e r y scary story followed by Mark Babino who told a chilling version of the "white dress" story. Consuelo Samarippa told a wonderful darker version of the witch of Cordoba than I have ever heard. Jay Stailey lightened the mood with Boo Baby and you could feel the audience appreciate it. I followed with one of my favorite ghost stories, The Cussing Cover, an Appalachian story and  DeCee Cornish brought down the house as he closed the show with his telling of a scary story that turned into a joke.

San Antonio storyteller Larry Thompson set this line-up and his choice to move from scary stories to laughing worked really well.
Here is a recent version of The Cussing Cover which was recorded at Channel 16 and aired on Stories in Time.

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MissDazey said...

I know why Mr. Bruce loves me..a big round woman to keep him warm. I love this, have listened to it twice. Thanks for posting it.