Quick Start: ReStart

For five years I've held myself to a stiff standard - that I would post on this blog everyday. Somehow I have slipped the past few weeks. I miss noting the everyday - its partly journal, partly chronicle. So I will just note a few memorable events to help keep the record and to get back on track.

1. Most notable - May 15 our granddaughter Alison graduated from College of William and Mary surrounded by her proud parents, grandparents and extended family.

A wonderful occasion for her parents - and an exciting launch for Alison.

One thing about Graduation crowds - the people are smiling, laughing, happy.

2. Finding Gus. May 7 I told the story of how I have uncovered the story of thr grand-father I never knew in Anderson, SC, his home-town.

Twelve Keasler cousins - descendants of Gus' siblings met for the
 first time after the program. A gift of Genealogy and Storytelling.

3. Capital Fringe confirmed my venue assignment - grateful to be returning to the Goethe Institut - Mainstage where I performed last year. Presenting a new one woman show in July.

CHECK HERE of more information on FLESH ON OLD BONES.

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