Red with Verticals
Acrylic and fabric painting and collage

Re-visiting art works can be a life-review.
The artist's studio is another kind of album or scrap book. Just like an exhibition or museum. Except - the exhibition or museum has a curator who has figured out something to say about the works from their point of view. In the studio the artist grapples with the meaning - or not - on their own.

Questions pop up. Why did I do that? Or stop doing that? I never exhibited this work - why?
I recognize the fabrics from a kimono jacket I made for myself. I never liked the jacket, it did not fit well, but I did like the fabrics. Here they are. Preserved in paint.
The big question today: should I keep the painting or toss it?

This picture seems to have no relationship at all to the one I posted yesterday - except - - the surface space is broken with small pieces - bits and pieces is a recurrent theme in my work
and -- they are both small scale works.

It all comes down to Professor Penay's favorite question when looking at an art work:
"This is the answer. What was the question?"


Granny Sue said...

Keep it! It's lovely--rich in textures, color and vibrancy.

Alan G said...

Wow...that is something else! I really like that Ellouise.

Who can say why we wake up one morning and wonder why we kept some creation? Perhaps we have all done the same thing.

I remember having a rather abstract photograph stuck up on top of a bookcase, always only moments from going into the trash bin. One day I was having some carpet restretched and one of the workers asked where I had gotten the picture. They just went on and on about how much they liked it.

Sometimes when we are in a 'moment' and create something, I think we lose touch with the moment and are only left wondering weeks, months, years later as we look at the fruit of the moment - what was I thinking?

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