NEW CDs - TANGY and Rose

June 1 Speakeasydc released their first CD,

TANGY, best of Speakeasy. Ten original stories recorded during performances at the Speakeasy.
Tellers: eddier sarfaty, fritz stolzenback, meredith maslich, twain dooley, stephanie garibaldi, kevin boggs, josh lefkowitz, julie hantman, jon spelman and ellouise schoettler.

I am so happy the included my story, "In Over My Head". I was and it makes a good story.

Second Hand Rose - my new solo CD. I am so excited about this program that I produced the CD myself from the Strathmore Mansion performance so it would be it available while I wait for the commercial edition.

Susannah Holstein wrote on her blog, Granny Sue's News and Reviews:

I was supposed to be paying the bills, but instead I was listening to a CD by storyteller Ellouise Schoettler. I remember when she began telling. She and her family were regulars at the West Virginia Storytelling Festival.That was 10 years ago. Today Ellouise is a pro. Her stories were smooth, nice finished edges, good pacing, and the interaction with her audience was evident from their laughter during well-placed pauses. The performance centered around stories about textiles and textile art, from handmade to crafted items. The rich texture of family threaded the pieces together to make a seamless whole.Ellouise is a teller to watch or rather listen for (although I would bet she's fun to watch too).