Three Blog Favorites - 2 storytellers and a gallerist

Lately I have been exploring the blog world - it takes time to be sure. Time I should be doing other things, true. But once I got started linking and linking and linking - - further and further out - -
I just got hooked.

For awhile I saved everything in the "favorites" but now I am winnowing and only keeping the
gold. These are at the top of my list - - take a look.

Last October I met MN storyteller Gwen Calvetti at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN. She told me she kept a blog - I did not even have to write the title down to rememeber it. "Its called bird brained stories." Would you forget that? Well - take a look and you will be glad you have: http://birdbrainedstories.blogspot.com Then check out http://musingsonstoryandlife.blogspot.com I enjoy her writing and like the storyteller she is - she opens her experience to you as a story. Then what to my wondering and wandering eye should appear? Another aspect to this woman. Not just a birder, not just a storyteller - she is also an active subversive artist. http://subversiveactsofartisticjoy.blogspot.com Is that fun or what? Is this the answer to cleaning out my studio with no regrets? Enjoy.

Storytelling brings out another incredible blog. I wrote to Storytel, an international storyteller listserve community I follow asking them:"If you were telling a program "Wise Women" (which I was) what stories would you include?

Patricia Digh wrote back leading me to a story she had included in her blog 37 Days.http://www.37days.typepad.com Don't miss this blog. She won an award as a Best Blog of 2005. She writes one essay a week - wonderful, thought provoking takes on life - beautifully written.

Closer to home and so that I can keep up with what's happening in the Washington, DC art scene I routinely check on Lenny Campello's blog Washington DC Art News. http://dcartnews.blogspot.com Campello is an artist and as co-owner of Fraser Gallery in Bethesda, calls himself a gallerist. I must have been asleep when that new title emerged but it seems to identify many on the art blogs. Reading this blog is like getting a shot of insider news, which I thoroughly enjoy - and checking out the blog links on his side bar kept me busy for a few days. Linking and linking and linking. If you are an artist or art-interested and live in the DC area I recommend reading this blog. The man seems to be "everywhere" and freely shares his info.