Boxes and Boots

Unpacking more boxes today. Getting my office back in order is taking time because I am sorting through stuff and actually pitching papers out. Would you believe that I still had directions and parts for electronics and computers that conked out and were replaced yearsago? And, how many cords and plugs do I really need? This weeding is my warm-up for some real tossing one-day.

I have not opened any of the boxes of books yet because they will bring a new set of problems and decisions. Letting go of books is really hard for me. If I have read it I might want to read it again. And If I bought it but haven't read it yet - well I might need it any day. Many of my books I bought because I am continually looking for stories to tell or I have an idea for subjects to pursue. Certainly I cannot let go of those. Then there is how to shelve them so that I can find the book again. By subject - now that's good at the library with a catalog number system - but at home I usually end up shelving by size . The big issues is how can I get the most books onto a shelf so the question can come down to stack or not.

A big problem this shifting has revealed - cds. Cds of story programs or story practice disks or videos of storytelling. Cds of pictures, cds of art works, cds of you name it. Shoe boxes filled with cds. Electronic media is not without its footprint.

At this moment I am all too aware that everything has a footprint and those "boots are walking over me."